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2 Answers

How long does it take to get my tax refund after the website says its been mailed?

Asked by: dtba 2075 views YA Discussion

I live in mass and i dont know where it gets sent from. It got mailed on thursday feb. 16 and its the monday the 20th but its a holiday so the mail doesnt run. Should i get it tuesday aka tomorrow?

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  • when irs says refund sent does that mean its been mailed

2 Answers

  1. Bash Limpbutt's Oozing Cyst© on Feb 21, 2012 Reply

    Most federal tax refunds are cut at the Philadelphia Payment Processing Center. The date that the IRS gives you is the date that it was cut, not necessarily the date that it was mailed. Tuesday or Wednesday would be a fairly safe guess but it’s up to the USPS now.

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  2. tim_house2003 on Feb 21, 2012 Reply

    I filed on Feb 4th. I did not see an update on the WMR site until Feb 15th. At that time it said my refund would be the 28th. I checked again this morning and it updated to the 22nd. According to your filing date and the irs refund chart you should see a refund date of the 22nd also. But they are behind and being very cautious this year, so you may be another week behind and see yours on the 28/29th. Keep checking the site, it updates randomly throughout the day 7am-7pm

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