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3 Answers

How long does IRS take for the processing of our 2012 tax returns?

Asked by: proffr 304 views YA Discussion

After your return has been accepted, approximately how long does it take for the IRS to process it? ( as far as on the where’s my refund…from it to go from accepted/processing return to the approved step. ) Just curious as to when people filed/were accepted/received payment. I am inquiring about 2012 returns. I am NOT looking for references to last year’s returns or the schedule for last year. Just want to know what is actually going on from the people. I have the numbers to check status, the where’s my refund link, and any other links to check status. That is not what I m asking. I know some people’s returns are going fast. Submit tax return and within the hour it is accepted. And I know a few people who received their money on 2/1 and also 2 people got their money deposited on 2/3 which is Sunday. A little odd but no complaints. Just looking to find out what’s going on with everyone else’s tax returns. Thank you for your help in advance. :)

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3 Answers

  1. Rob on Feb 04, 2013 Reply

    2 weeks to 90 days plus , depends on return.

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  2. April on Feb 04, 2013 Reply

    my sister filed 1/26 and checked irs.gov wmr and she now has a deposit date of 2/6 :) oh and hers was processed 1/30

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  3. Raquel on Feb 04, 2013 Reply

    Melanie I am sorry but I do not have a answer to your question. But I am wondering when you were accepted and how many days have you been in processing status. I am in the same boat and posted something similar. I have been in processing status for 5 days now.

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