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5 Answers

How long can the government hold my refund check?

Asked by: megan 2765 views YA Discussion

Help! I had my return done by an federal tax agency, and filed it in January. I was waiting for my refund check, and after some time, I called the IRS. They said that I have been selected for a “Random Audit” and when I asked how much more longer it would be until I received my check, they said that it could take as long as the IRS wants to send my money. Today, I read online that if I don’t receive my check within 6 months of the date I filed my return. I need my refund check for bills etc. I might have to hire a lawyer, to get my money but after the court fees I would have little money. Should I hire a lawyer, and wait. Or not hire one. Please help me. I don’t know what to do!
This question is for my dad. He’s the one with this issue.
To Ms. Angel..:
He did call the IRS, they said that they don’t know how long it could take for the check to arrive. They said if and when they choose to they’ll send a letter. Which we have not received.

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5 Answers

  1. the tax lady on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    According to your previous posts, you are 15. What refund? As a dependent, you get, at most, your withholding back.

    The IRS fraud programs are back in high gear. Any abnormally high refund is waiting for the IRS to compare the withholding to your actual W-2s, any education credit claims against 1098-T and whether or not someone else claims you. That can take 6 months. A lawyer won’t be speeding it up.

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  2. tro on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    you will get it when you get it, hiring a lawyer will only cost you money they cannot guarantee to get your refund for you
    what to do? just wait
    any refunds not processed by June 30, will have interest added

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  3. Bobbie on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    Rant and rave and hire your lawyer if that is what you choose to do IF you can find one that will take on this job and IF you have the necessary needed advance payment that this lawyer will require you to put in the lawyers hand before they even start any action on your behalf with the IRS.
    The IRS will not issue you any amount of refund until they are satisfied to the IRS satisfaction that your income tax has been correctly completed so DO what YOU want to DO and keep up with things as you continue your RANT and Ravings ongoing.
    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 05/21/2011

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  4. Dan B on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    Generally refunds aren’t withheld for “Random Audits”. If you are due a refund, they’ll send it. BUT if you have an outstanding tax obligation, or a very suspicious return (like you make $ 50k but have a $ 40k charity deduction), back child support claim against your refund or other such filings, there will be no refund in your dad’s future.

    It would do not good to hire a lawyer. Even if you win, the gov’t won’t pay your legal fees. Legal fees will eat up the refund and more.

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  5. Ms. Angel.. on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    Has your dad contacted IRS and demanded a reason for the hold?
    Or visited the IRS walk-in office to assistance?
    Has he contacted the Taxpayer advocate for help in getting his refund released?
    Has he reviewed his tax return to verify all information reported is true and correct?
    good luck

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