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7 Answers

How long after IRS accepts your taxes before refund is approved? How long before you get a deposit date?

Asked by: fgr8out 10484 views YA Discussion

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7 Answers

  1. Rob on Feb 18, 2013 Reply

    next 30 -90 days depending on factors not listed.

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  2. michelle and kody on Feb 18, 2013 Reply

    We filed the 6th. Got accepted the 8th and finally today we got a date for the 22nd. date it all depends.

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  3. Robert Farrington on Feb 18, 2013 Reply

    The IRS gave guidelines this year that 90% of filers should receive their refund within 21 days. You’ll probably get a DD Date about 5-7 days before you get your deposit.

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  4. britney sullivan on Feb 04, 2014 Reply

    My federal tax return was accepted on the 26 of January 2014 and I was never given a date when to expect my refund, what do I need to expect.

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  5. alan on Feb 09, 2015 Reply

    I filed joint with my wife hers is say received. An will b process. In 21days an when I put my ss number on da website it’s. Say being. Process. I dnt no wat to think

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    • laurie ganzer on Feb 18, 2015 Reply

      same here. E-filed through tax act on Feb 4th..return has been accepted..but not approved. Today is Feb 18th..still no approval..

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      • roben on Feb 19, 2015 Reply

        mine too still says processing and you can never talk to anyone all automated bs

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