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4 Answers

how do I know if someone filed my taxes besides me?

Asked by: ralvarez 180 views YA Discussion

I cnt find my w4 how can I check to make sure it wasnt filed

4 Answers

  1. SumDude on Mar 07, 2014 Reply

    You mean W-2 … [and only 1 copy of the W-2 is “filed” and that is only if you mail in a paper copy of the 1040.] Why would someone else file your tax return for you?

    I am guessing it is lost somewhere in a stack of paperwork. Your employer can issue you a duplicate. Then file. If someone did already file for you, the IRS will let you know, and then you work on getting everything straightened out.

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  2. Cathi K on Mar 07, 2014 Reply

    The W4 you gave your employer when hired. They give you a W2 to do your taxes. Ask your employer for another copy. You would know if you file and it is rejected.

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  3. MDavis on Mar 07, 2014 Reply

    This is the simple answer – there might be a contact at the IRS who can just tell you. Go to IRS.gov and search for that information. You might find a contact. Or you can file.

    You probably mean your cannot find your W-2; that is the document your employer gives employees to file taxes with. Request a replacement from your employer and file ASAP. If someone else has filed your taxes, the IRS will reject your Return for that reason. At that point you would contact the IRS and thell them who you are. If there has been ID theft, the IRS will tell you how to handle it.

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  4. Christina on Mar 07, 2014 Reply

    REALLY?!!!! U wanna know y it took so long?!!!! There are people in this forum that actually have REAL problems with their returns right now. Like still not receiving them, filing in Jan and accepted in January and still no update. Next time post a real question that someone may actually have a real answer too. Hate my question if you like, but most of the time the truth does get hated on. P.S enjoy ur refund…

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