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How do I fill out the 8379 Tax Form Injured Spouse? I am confused by section III?

Asked by: dtba 4705 views YA Discussion

I am having issues filling out the 8379 Injured Spouse Form. My husband did not work at all 2011 year and had no income. I had a normal job with wages and then a home business that was in the negative. I live in Colorado do I need to allocate all the money on just me and my husband at $ 0? I am confused by 13b all other income (which was in the negative) 14 the adjustments to income (what goes there) 15 Stadard decuction or itemized deductions Is the number of exemptions what I claim on the W4 with my work? 16 What credits is it asking for 17 other taxes (not sure what that means) and 20 payments? (I was supposed to get a refund)
My income was not negative total. I was in the positive overall but my home business was a negative amount.

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2 Answers

  1. Quick Answers on Feb 23, 2012 Reply

    If your combined income is negative, how exactly did you have a positive refund? The IRS doesn’t allocate $ 0.

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  2. tro on Feb 23, 2012 Reply

    totaling all your income including the negative Sch C still shows a positive amount of your gross income
    adjustments to income include items of credits, after line 22, then personal exemptions and standard deductions adjust income
    payments would be the withheld income tax and any 1040 ES payments you made, as well as a carryforward from last year

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