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4 Answers

How can someone e-file a tax refund with my social security number without my W2.?

Asked by: epondel 1879 views YA Discussion

In order for a fraudster to actually generate a return from IRS they would have to input correct numbers for wages, federal tax withheld, medicare, and social security. How is that possible without the actual W2 or did they somehow steal that from me too. Or did the fraudster just make up a bunch of numbers that fooled the IRS. Im angry and confused.

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  • someone filed a tax return using my ss number

4 Answers

  1. tro on Mar 09, 2012 Reply

    I hope you have reported this identity theft

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  2. rtfm on Mar 09, 2012 Reply

    No, it just means that someone turned in a tax return that used your Social Security number. That’s all it means. All of the other information could have been completely different than your real information.

    It doesn’t even mean that there has been fraud. The most likely situation is that someone has claimed you as a dependent — could your parents have done that? The second most likely situation is that someone, while trying to type their own or their child’s SSN, accidentally made a typo or transposed digits and inadvertently typed your SSN by mistake.

    The likelihood of identity theft is a far distant third.

    All you need to do is file your return by mail, on paper. The IRS will sort it all out.

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  3. LenaA on Mar 09, 2012 Reply

    This also happened to me and was wondering same question. Its going to take the IRS forever to process or even start the returns

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  4. Quick Answers on Mar 09, 2012 Reply

    The scammer tries to use a fake W-2. For various reasons, they are greedy scammers and the fake W-2 is so blatant, the return is flagged and no refund is sent out.

    However, more than one scammer may try to file using your name and SSN, so the IRS has to figure out if it’s you or another scammer.

    File by paper, attach form 14039 and a copy of your ID. If your address and employer match your 2010 return, this may not take forever. Next year will be better. Once verified, you will be mailed a PIN to use. Without the PIN, the scammer’s return will not be accepted.

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