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2 Answers

HELP with filling a NEW W4?

Asked by: ralvarez 935 views YA Discussion

ok I need some help please.
me and hubby are MARRIED and we file JOINTLY, we only have 1 child
I – the wife is the higher income earner

on our previous W4 for 2012 we had it set up as 1 for SELF (A), 1 for MARRIED (C) and 1 for dependent. total 3
What we didn’t do was put a 2 for line G – ugh I only just realized this!!!!

Child Tax Credit (including additional child tax credit). See Pub. 972, Child Tax Credit, for more information.
• If your total income will be less than $ 65,000 ($ 95,000 if married), enter “2” for each eligible child; then less “1” if you have three to six eligible children or less “2” if you have seven or more eligible children.

Yes our TOTAL income is less than $ 65K

So for this year 2013 we will be amending our W4’s to our employers.

Going from lines A-G can you please help me, I mean I know it’s not rocket science but this is coming from someone who’s never had to deal with filing taxes and claiming this and that deductions etc…!! i.e I come from England! but I am a US citizen through naturalization (if you must know).
thanks I just did the 2 earner worksheet

additional amount to be withheld from each paycheck is $ 23.60

2 Answers

  1. Pascal the Gambler on Jan 25, 2013 Reply

    You should NOT both have the same allowances. You may want to do the 2 earner worksheet.

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  2. Judy on Jan 25, 2013 Reply

    Depends on how much each of you makes, but if you’re both working and both put married on your W-4 and not married but withhold at the higher single rate, you could come up seriously short when you file – you need to use the two earners/multiple jobs worksheet, not the personal allowances one. Unless you get a large refund this year, leave it as is. If you do get a large refund you might want to change one or both. If you both have the same things as you show in your question on your W-4s, it might turn out real lucky that you didn’t also put in the child tax credit number. You don’t BOTH claim the allowances. And there isn’t an “OUR” W-4, you each have one.

    If you could have claimed more but didn’t, you’ll get the extra money back in your refund. The total money is the same so you didn’t lose any money, just get it later than in your paychecks.

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