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4 Answers

Has anyone who got their DD refund receive it WITHOUT a WMR update?

Asked by: lpliskin 3753 views YA Discussion

I filed with H&R on the 20th and got accepted that same night, like an hour later. On the 23rd I had an update on WMR saying my return is being processed and I should receive my refund by Feb 7th. It’s now Feb. 3rd and it hasn’t updated at all as of this morning. I was hoping to receive my refund today at the latest. If not that, at LEAST an update, but nothing. I called the 800 number 3 times with not much info given to me. “It hasn’t been processed yet so I can’t give you a DD date.” UGH. What I’m curious about is, did anyone receive their refund by DD and NOT get an update? I keep checking the bank, but maybe its pointless if my status hasn’t changed. :/

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4 Answers

  1. Michael Elston on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    idk why everyone is doing DD paper check is more reliable

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  2. failtorespond on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    A lot of people who are still getting the “by 2/7″ message on WMR are being told a DD date of 2/8 by the IRS. I called this morning and that’s what they told me.

    Also a lot of buzz is saying WMR will update Sunday night.

    Good luck!

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  3. Jess on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    I called irs they told me I had a dd date of Feb 8th, but wmr says processing and will be received by Feb 7th! Its a mess.

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  4. Jodi on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    I have been in the 2/7 club since accepted on the 19th of Jan. I have called the IRS every day hoping to get a DD date, and all i got was still processing. I called this morning and finally got a DD date of 2/8/12 but WMR still says processing and should receive by 2/7. I dont think they update the site again til Sunday according to the lady at IRs, but some say they get updated everyday. Not sure, but i spent almost 3 weeks with the same outcome until this morning. Hope this helps and Hope you get a DD date soon. I was starting to worry but finally got somewhere….Keep trying…It will come soon

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