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4 Answers

Has anyone received their refund already !!?

Asked by: proffr 868 views YA Discussion

If you have ….why ?? Supposedly the IRS isn’t accepting any filings until after the 30th =/ Someone please inform me on what I don’t obviously know !! Thanks
I have seen people on here saying they already received it and also the information that it has been accepted. There is no correspondents with the IRS until after the 30th…lol whoa I must be in the wrong country then !
Ursugardaddy…maybe you shouldn’t comment on a question if your gonna be rude ;) I was asking a question which is what this site is for !! Top contributor or not your an ass =D Take care !!

4 Answers

  1. "Mickey" on Jan 28, 2013 Reply

    No, because just like you stated, the IRS isn’t accepting any filings until Jan 30th.

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  2. Tara on Jan 28, 2013 Reply

    The IRS is not issuing refunds until after January 30th. They say the average time will be 7-10 days and no more than 24 days. Often times, especially with simpler returns, they are much quicker.

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  3. Brian on Jan 28, 2013 Reply

    It’s true that the IRS won’t start processing most returns until January 30th. However they are doing a small test run just to test their system. A small number of returns have been chosen for this and those people will get their refunds early.

    For most people, though, their return won’t get processed until January 30th. Even if it gets accepted by the IRS before then, chances are it won’t get processed until the 30th. That means most people can expect their refunds between February 1st and February 21st.

    Check out the comments on the post below for info from some people who fell into the test group and others whose returns were accepted but not processed.

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  4. FindingGodsLove on Jan 28, 2013 Reply

    A select few that were accepted intothe early testing batch received refunds but no more will be issued until jan 30th. If you filed and were accepted early you should get your refund within the week.(if approved) although it has been accepted it still has to be approved. Those that did get refunds had simple striaght forward returns (not high EIC amts,tuition, etc).

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