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4 Answers

has anyone received their 2012 refund after receiving 4464c?

Asked by: jmlcpl 2472 views YA Discussion

has anyone received their 2012 tax refund after receiving letter 4464c…filed the the same as i do every year the only difference this year is my daughter has a 1098T, which gave me an extra $ 1000. Refund would be the exact same as last year the only difference is the education credit. EIC the same, matter of fact, i have been claim the same to children for 16 years, what is the hold up. What could you actually be looking for. I have spoke with IRS has asked if possible could i fax the information to them, I keep all my records together, to speed up the 60 day process, no one could give me an answer as to why I could not forward the information to them. This is ridiculous with delays and not being able to get a straight or complete answer for IRS Rep. What is acutally going on this year.

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4 Answers

  1. Sam on May 01, 2012 Reply

    I hope people will receive it soon. But how to show you a link for your better knowledge?

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  2. Cathi K on May 01, 2012 Reply

    If you had been paying attention there have been all kinds of delays this year.Lots of people claiming education credits. More returns with eic and education are being reviewed. You will have to wait.

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  3. Bobbie on May 02, 2012 Reply

    You could also go to your local IRS office in your area and get some face to face information about your situation at this time in your life.
    Need Tax Help? Visit an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center
    If you need to resolve a tax problem, have tax law questions or you’re more comfortable talking with someone face-to-face, visit your local IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center where you can spread out your records and talk with an IRS representative across the counter. No appointment is necessary, just walk in.
    For IRS (TAC) Taxpayer Assistance Center locations, business hours and an overview of services, visit http://www.irs.gov. Just go to the “Individuals” tab and click on” Contact My Local Office” in the left tool bar section under IRS Resources.
    Need Tax Help? Visit an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center


    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 05/01/2012

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  4. Ms. Angel.. on May 02, 2012 Reply

    The 2012 tax return has not been filed yet so you are actually waiting for your 2011 tax refund.

    It seems like all you can do is wait, there was lots of issue with the EIC credit this year, thanks to taxpayers that feel they can claim the neighbors kids and the whole city, makes honest having to wait months for their refund.
    Sorry but there is nothing you can do to speed up the process, just be patient, easier said than done.

    Good luck! And there is no clear answer the customer rep can give you, the is no special infomation listed on your account to let them know how to answer your questions. All it shows is a LTR 4464C was sent, but not why it doesn’t even state how long the processing is, IRS just told the reps to say 45*60 days processing time.

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