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2 Answers

has anyone got there refund today?

Asked by: pmitchem 2028 views YA Discussion

Cause mine was saying on Monday Feb 13th on the wmr website so I hope I do get it today cause the person that did my taxes was telling me that until Tuesday I will see it on my bank but I hope it today Monday…. Has anyone got ur refund today that is schedule for today?
Well it NOT my lucky day… No DD yet :'(

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2 Answers

  1. TreadingJello on Feb 13, 2012 Reply

    What time is it where you are? The day has just started, and direct deposits can come at any time you know! Don’t give up hope yet!

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  2. amanda on Feb 18, 2012 Reply

    I filed feb 4 by 11AM i called the irs twice this week and they told me they process daily and deposits can be any day its been 14 days i been waiting and if i dont get it by the next deposit date of feb 21st or 22nd i need to call them but this is ridiculous and the WMR is not working and has no information for me at all i got my state refund at 9pm eastern time on the 15th the same day mt federal was schedualed for i need this money to move into a an apartment as im in a homeless shelter right now but the irs doesnt care and neither does our shitty president

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