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8 Answers

Has anyone else received their federal income tax refunds yet?

Asked by: Long 6177 views YA Discussion

i asked a question last night conserning a rumor i herd about someone reporting receiving their federal income tax refunds on january 25th and i got a few other people that stated that they had also received theirs yesterday and this morning…. so i was just wondering if any one else got theirs when was your return accepetd by the irs and when did you receice your refund? just trying to gather a poll to give some people an idea of a timeline maybe.

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8 Answers

  1. MS. MINK on Jan 27, 2013 Reply

    People are receiving tax loans. Tax businesses are preparing tax returns and giving qualified customers loans based on that. The irs isn’t excepting any returns until Jan. 30 th this year, check out irs.gov….

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  2. Christina on Jan 27, 2013 Reply

    That answer is false. Several people got accepted on Tuesday and received refunds on Thursday. The IRS did state they weren’t opening for the tax season until the 30th. However, a lucky few have been chosen to be processed now as beta testers. You should look for your refund possibly Monday or Tuesday. Mine got accepted today at 10:50 am. I will update when I receive mine.

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    • Amy on Jan 29, 2013 Reply

      How can I found out if mine was accepted?

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    • Val on Feb 07, 2014 Reply

      I got my refund on net spend card hasn’t come yet called them said everyone is having the same problem

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  3. Teresa on Jan 27, 2013 Reply

    My Efile was accepted by the IRS on January 25th 2013. Have not recieved my refund.

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  4. Jonathan Mcr on Jan 27, 2013 Reply

    actually those loans your speaking of have been made illegal. some payday advance places still do it and they have to call it a different word, they legally can’t call it RAL. those payday advance places are predatory lenders anyway, nobody would be dumb enough to use that I hope.

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  5. Carl Hannah on Aug 18, 2013 Reply

    Well, I got news for you I sent my taxes in on the first day you could and that was the 30th. then I got a letter stating that I had to call the IRS at a given phone number which I did as soon as I received it.The man I talked to was nice and asked a few questions and at the end said I would receive my refund within 4 to 6 weeks that was about February 22 of 2013 when I called. I got no response so I called back at that number and the gentleman replied to me that I already had called I said yes that’s what I’ve been saying he promptly hung up on me. so after checking the internet IRS where’s my refund several hundred times and seeing that it was being processed.(still says that till today 11:08 PM August 18, 2013) I then went down to the local IRS office this was a little after 8 weeks from the phone call and still not receiving my direct deposit refund. The man there wrote a note along with the initial letter sent it by mail and faxed it also. This was a supposed id identity theft thing. Now nothing has changed income,place of residence, or bank account in ten years. I’ve called twice the IRS local office has faxed and mailed proof that I am who I supposed to be, and yet as of this date 8/18/2013 have not received my refund. I told you that my situation hasn’t changed I’m disabled and have been for 10 years now Social security sends my checks to the same account what the hell is the IRS’s problem? I wonder if It’s because I’M not a Democrat?

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  6. Jason on Feb 05, 2014 Reply

    My taxes were excepted by the IRS on the 26th of Jan and I’m still waiting for my return!

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