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4 Answers

Has anyone deposited their tax refund into someone elses account?

Asked by: livingeditor 4539 views YA Discussion

I deposited my refund into my gfs account.. she bank with bank of America. And they say they will not accept it. I’m pissed because liberty tax( did my taxes through them) did not say there would be any problems . Now it’s too late to change anything and if her bank rejects the deposit it will take 6 weeks for the check to be mailed. I have DD date of 2/6

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  • can i deposit my tax refund in someone elses account
  • can i deposit my tax refund in someone else\s account

4 Answers

  1. crazybaby on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    yes I did last year.With no problem from the bank.

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  2. Jeffery on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    i don’t see this being a problem at all you should see it post in her account on monday.. The irs has on their site that if you receive an income tax DD that isn’t yours then you should contact the irs before trying to spend it so im assuming it can be deposited into your gf’s account since apparently they do it by accident every so often and it goes through lol just hopeful thinking for you 2 lol

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  3. Molly on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    Banks have started checking names against ACH deposit routing and account numbers and if something is out of line (a different name on the deposit than on the account, as an example) are rejecting the money. The reason why is because they are under harsh scrutiny for sloppy practices from regulators. Come audit time, deposits into accounts where the names don’t match up can point to potential crime and they get fined for those practices.

    Rather than deal with the headache and red tape, they are simply not allowing it anymore. Some small community banks and credit unions may still allow it if you go to the bank ahead of time and let them know, but the big banks like BoA, Wells Fargo, Chase, 5th/Third etc., absolutely do not.

    I’m afraid you won’t be able to budge them on it, not unless you happen to be close personal friends with the branch manager. Otherwise, you’re going to have to wait for the IRS to receive the funds back from the bank and issue a paper check. All of that can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, with 4 weeks being the average.

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  4. Janessa Rose on Apr 05, 2012 Reply

    They accept it. Point blank period. Bank of America accepted my refund check into someone else’s account that didn’t have my name on it. On top of that the account was closed and they STILL accepted it. It’s been a nightmare trying to get my refund. So yes, your refund will be in your gf account, trust me.

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