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4 Answers

Has anybody got their tax refund yet?

Asked by: jmlcpl 9870 views YA Discussion

I was suppose to get mine on feb15th but it didn’t come and I called the IRS and the guy said it should be here on the 24th but when I check my where’s my refund online it says march 6th..can somebody help me?

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4 Answers

  1. JMitch on Feb 22, 2012 Reply

    Sure did, but I do know they are experiencing delays. You can expect to receive it in about 6 weeks. Should you not receive it in 3 weeks, and you e-filed, contact the IRS for an update. 1.800.829.1040

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  2. Kristin on Feb 22, 2012 Reply

    You are NOT the only one with this problem! There are thousands experiencing this same issue of massive “delays”. I filed mine on Feb. 3rd , it was accepted that very day as well. I did mine via Turbo Tax! Anyways, just last week the website (WMR) stated NOTHING at all, then it said I should receive my taxes by March 6th, then it switched to February 21st. Well today is February 21st and nothing! I am assuming because there are a few paragraphs on the IRS website, that state how they are having “major difficulties” and what not with the WMR that you pretty much cant base anything from their website or their automated services. So it’s like ok, how do I know when then? Well you can either call the IRS or be on hold for about an hour or you can just wait it out… I called the IRS last week, she pretty much just said NOTHING! She said “we have your return, and we are processing it” well they have up to three-weeks to process returns, which this my third week by this coming Saturday, and I am assuming on Saturday or come Monday of next week, I’ll get a magically error code, because the IRS has to cover their tracks!

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  3. AKS on Feb 28, 2012 Reply

    I filed on Feb 18th, accepted the following day. At first, I had a automated web site response It would be direct deposited on March 6th.About 5 days ago it changed to say “expect your refund in about 3 weeks” Then, A few days ago, it said “due to processing issues your refund date has changed” to FEB 28!! That is sooner. Anyhow, its the 28th, noon and as you can figure, NOTHING yet. Although it still shows I am to receive it today, the 28th.

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  4. jennifer costobile on Mar 19, 2015 Reply

    i filed my refund 31 days ago. it still says processing. i called the irs 3 differnt times and they said there is nothing wrong with my taxes, it is just a system delay. i selected direct depoist which should of been much quicker. so what is the issue???

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