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2 Answers

Form 1040 (2012) Individual Income Tax Return?

Asked by: posadas 2295 views YA Discussion

I got my copy for this form and for the Refund section lines 74a and 74d my routing number and account number is filled in with X’s and for the boxes in 74c Checking or Savings none of the boxes are checked. Why is it showing like this?

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  • www idverify gov
  • idverify irs gov 1040
  • www idverify irs gov/individual

2 Answers

  1. Steve B on Feb 13, 2013 Reply

    My first guess is that you did not request a direct deposit.

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  2. James E. Harris on Feb 09, 2015 Reply

    I did not get my tax refund from 2012. I filed them April 01,2013.

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