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4 Answers

Federal return accepted and processing for 21 days now?!s?

Asked by: dtba 1228 views YA Discussion

I’ve been waiting 21 days for any different information on my return for 3 weeks now call the refund hotline and check wmr only to see processing. The automated message states refunds will be direct deposited 10-21 days after its accepted I got accepted the same day I filed all before 1230am. So what should I do? Call them wait. Anyone else waiting since then??

4 Answers

  1. I<3Jake on Feb 16, 2012 Reply

    I filed the 2nd of FEB was supposed to get refund direct dep 2/15/2012 no such luck yet! of course their website doesn’t have any info on my taxes either so this pretty much sux. Ive seen another 2012 schedule which has the direct dep dates on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays so idk which one is right. http://www.irs.gov/app/vita/content/globalmedia/irs_efile_refund_cycle_chart_4012.pdf

    Update: ** its 2/16/2012 still no refund…

    Update 2/16/2012 my mom got her refund Just today but she gets her on a card not direct deposit… she filed hers on 2/2/2012 and had a refund date fr the 15th….

    you can sit on the ph and Wait for about 30 min to talk to someone or Just wait out the 21 days and check ur bank about 2X a day to see if its there then after the 21 days call so they cant give u that excuse Just to g et u off the ph.

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  2. ? on Feb 16, 2012 Reply

    I filed the first week of Feb and was supposed to have a dd yesterday well that didnt happen and the WMR site just updated my info yday and it changed to the 28th and says its still processing when i know it was accepted on the 7th! So i called the IRS yet again today and she finally gave me some hope lol there is a large amount of backed up refunds going in tomorrow from end of Jan beginning of Feb. She also told me that my refund was accepted and to ignore the WMR site because it is so screwed up! I personally havent waited as long as you but im calling already because its your $ but no one can seem to give a straight damn answer on where it is or when you’ll have it! Ill give you the number to call and the extension or ref number to enter when asked. Be prepared to call again because its almost a given your not gonna get the same answer twice! Good luck! Keep us posted
    ext or ref 362

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  3. ? on Feb 16, 2012 Reply

    I e-filed on January 22nd and am still waiting. If you figure out what’s going on please post and let me know

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  4. Yalanda on Feb 16, 2012 Reply

    well i filed the 6th of feb an was processing for a week then called thee irs today an was told i needed more info so call an make sure everything is fine 800-829-1040 keep pressing 0 til you get a live rep…GOOD LUCK.

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