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6 Answers

Federal direct deposit was sent back. How long till they issue a check?

Asked by: ubinas 3201 views YA Discussion

Federal refund direct deposit was sent back because of wrong account numbers. When I called was told they would send out a paper check but were not sure how long that would take. It has been 3 weeks since my returns were accepted and 1 week since the refund was bounced back. When I look at the IRS website it says they haven’t received my returns but 2 weeks ago it gave me a date for direct deposit. Any information would be helpful.

6 Answers

  1. Molly on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    Generally, allow 3 to 6 weeks for the bank to return funds, the IRS to process them and send out a paper check. Average is about 4 weeks but too many variables to give you an exact amount of time.

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  2. Bash Limpbutt's Oozing Cyst© on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    Allow 4 to 6 weeks for the paper check in the mail.

    The WMR page will NOT track this. The IRS won’t be able to give you a status update on the phone for at least 3 weeks after the deposit was rejected. Tax refunds (electronic and paper check) are sent out by FMS. FMS won’t update the IRS on what has happened until your refund has been scheduled for payment by check. There’s no way to contact FMS to get status updates on the process.

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  3. Casey Y on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    I would guess the beginning of March, and guesses are about the best you’ll get right now.

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  4. qaz1qaz1qa on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    Well my refund is only $ 89. Not to be ignored but why is mine so low? Because I claim far more all year so I pay the IRS Way less. Then I am not so distraught waiting for a massive sum because I was able to use the money all year long on important things.

    Banking systems use the time to accumulate interest. If I have a customer who wants a refund check and I am able to leave the cash in the bank for a month (4-6 weeks) I will accumulate interest on the cash. There is no logistical reason for this amount of time. I can deliver by hand any check anywhere in the world in far less time.

    So while you cannot do anything to expedite this return you can work on 2012 taxes by claiming more.
    I am single and I claim 3 on my W-9. I almost always still get a refund. W-9 is merely an estimate for payment withholding.This is not illegal as long as you claim the proper number on your return filed.

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  5. Wendy on Feb 14, 2012 Reply

    My DD was rejected on Feb. 3rd and the IRS agent was able to track it. They are mailing it out tomorrow, the 15th.

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  6. monesha Jackson on Mar 06, 2015 Reply

    How long do I have to wait befor the bank send it to the IRS and how long do it take for the IRS to send a paper check

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