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2 Answers

Does the IRS Where’s My Refund info update on Saurdays & Sundays?

Asked by: bellmont 1333 views YA Discussion


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2 Answers

  1. Lynn on Feb 01, 2013 Reply

    I’ve heard that last week, some of the early filers got “acceptances” from the IRS on the weekends but have not heard if the WMR is going to update on the weekends…..I’m hoping so…filed on 1/23….accepted on 1/30 mid morning and now in still processing status…..hoping for that DD date!! I filed with a schedule C so I’m not sure if that holds things up this year; it has not in the past.
    Guess we’ll find out tomorrow if anyone gets updated.

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  2. lovagyrl03 on Feb 01, 2013 Reply

    I’m not sure if it updates or not. I would think so since it says they update every 24 hours. Either way, my friend received her tax refund on a Sunday last year (DD). So I know they do something there on the weekends…

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