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3 Answers

Does getting an interview mean you pass the ‘pre-screening’ and have what is required for the job?

Asked by: megan 3616 views YA Discussion

I applied to one of my dream jobs about two weeks ago, despite the fact that I did not think I would get it. (You needed a Bachelors in Human Services or closely related field, I had a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. You also needed experience with social work, aside from being an Resident Assistant at College and interning for three months at a mental health group home, I have none.) Yet, I was called a few days later to schedule an interview. I went in and I got a second interview. I am waiting to hear back from them now, they said they will call me by tomorrow and let me know.

Does getting the opportunity to interview mean that you have the basics of what they are looking for? I want this job so badly!

Asked: xayanexchanx

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3 Answers

  1. Dan B on May 19, 2011 Reply

    The 2nd interview indicates to me that you have a better than average chance of getting the job, but not 100% guaranteed. 3 months as an intern (not a resident) of a mental health group home is social work in a sense.

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  2. LA Boston Gal on May 19, 2011 Reply

    Yes, if you landed the interview it does mean that you met the basic criteria of what they’re looking for otherwise they would not have “wasted” their time on having you come in. The fact that you got a 2nd interview means that you are definitely in the running for the job.

    There’s a science to writing job postings. Under the required skills section we list the bare minimum because we don’t want to exclude people who might not have the credentials but who have the experience. Under the desired skills we put the maximum (what we ideally want) so that the candidate understand the scope of responsibility and the skills that would make this job easier for him/her.

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  3. fizzychip on May 19, 2011 Reply

    Yes. It means the think you may have the potential for the job and they want to know more.

    As odd as it sounds, employing a member of staff goes beyond basic capabilities. There are a lot of people who can perform the job role, and employers look at a lot of things when appointing staff. not all of it is qualifications and experience based.

    Confidence & enthusiasm for the job role and the company go a long way – so do your research about both. Even if you don’t end up using a lot of the info, it will ensure you know what you’re talking about & what you’re getting in to.

    Sometimes who gets appointed can be as simple as who will make the best fit within the office hierarchy – I’ve seen this happen when there was a number of similarly qualified candidates who all interviewed well. I know, it’s a dumb reason to give someone a job – right?!

    Most importantly, remember they would not waste their time interviewing someone who was not qualified or capable, at least on paper.

    I really hope you get this job, let us know how you go.

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