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2 Answers

Claiming someone elses child.?

Asked by: Sildenafil plan 828 views YA Discussion

I’m 19 and my uncle asked me to claim his son and daughter which are 17 & 16. They both have lived with me for a Year and a half but are not on my lease. I really have no prove besides neighbors seeing them hear. What should I do? If I’m going to get in trouble I will tell him No.

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  • someone else claiming someone else\s kids

2 Answers

  1. dreamgirl on Jan 29, 2013 Reply

    The irs says if they lived with you over 6 months and you payed for food or clothing,for them,you can claim them.It may decrease your taxes or increase your refund,remember to add them and claim them.You will need their social security numbers also.

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  2. tro on Jan 29, 2013 Reply

    no one ‘asks’ someone to claim their children
    the person has to be eligible to claim them
    these are your cousins therefore not in direct line to you(had they been nieces or nephews that would be different)
    the would have to live in your household 6 months and they do not have 50% of their support provided for them
    at 19, your income is very likely barely adequate to support yourself, let alone two more persons

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