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2 Answers

Can you use paycheck deductions for WA EE L&I on a federal tax return?

Asked by: ubinas 1858 views YA Discussion

It wasn’t listed on our W-2, but someone said it should be on line 12 and can be used for a credit.

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2 Answers

  1. tro on Jun 06, 2012 Reply

    box 12 is generally reporting items like a 401(K) that adjusts your taxable income
    your taxable income has already been reduced, you can’t take the amount again
    Box 12 will have codes which will tell you what the amount represents and may or may not be a non taxable amount

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  2. Bostonian In MO on Jun 07, 2012 Reply

    No, the Washington State LNI insurance deduction is not deductible and does not qualify for any credits on your federal return. That’s the employee portion of the state’s Workers Compensation insurance plan and is not reported on your W-2 as it has no federal consequences.

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