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5 Answers

Can you claim a cousin on taxes?

Asked by: Long 1066 views YA Discussion

Okay so my 2 kids and I stayed with my cousin on and off threw out the year. He took care of us I had no job. I have no taxes to file and neither does my kids father. His tax person said he can claim all 3 of us and head of household. Can he? If not is their a good chance he can get audited. Plus I never changed our address threw out the year since it would of been to much on me. His tax person also said he will be done and can claim us and can get money back for us. I just don’t know if she’s steering him in the wrong direction. what are the changes of getting audited? I know people that claim kids that are not theirs and never get in trouble.
Btw he is not blood related so does this change anything? My dad and his dad are brothers I’m not biologically his. As for proff never changed address but I never worked and there is obviously proff that he paid all the bills does that count?

5 Answers

  1. Judy on Jan 31, 2013 Reply

    He needs a new tax person – that one is incompetent.

    To claim cousins, they must live with you ALL year, among other requirements, not just “off and on”. And a cousin can never qualify you for head of household.

    Yeah, there’s a REAL good chance he can get audited.

    The IRS is getting a lot better at identifying fraudulent claims.

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  2. Yarenny on Jan 31, 2013 Reply

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  3. Edward D on Jan 31, 2013 Reply

    Usually it has to be for at least 6 months that the kids lived with your cousin through out the year. He cannot claim you as a dependent because you would either have to be his spouse or disabled. However if he can prove he paid for your kids expenses while they lived with him he might be able to. Yes people have claimed kids that were not theirs in the past but the IRS is really cracking down on that. One thing to note audits before 2012 were random unless they were some real red flags like people who would claim different children each year.

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  4. Ms Fat on Jan 31, 2013 Reply

    Yes she can claim you but her audit risk will most likely be medium.

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  5. Quick Answers on Jan 31, 2013 Reply

    To do as stated, the preparer is going to claim they are stepchildren or nieces and nephews, The IRS will immediately audit.

    Since he can’t prove any relationship at all, he’ll lose, be banned from claiming EIC for 10 years. If the system accidentally gives him extra money, he’ll owe it back plus 20% to 75%.

    If the IRS decides you helped him out by supplying the SSNs, they will ban you too.

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