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7 Answers

can we claim our 19 year old daughter as a dependent on our 2011 taxes since she lived with us?

Asked by: dtba 1397 views YA Discussion

She turned 19 in August 2011. She was not a student and earned maybe $ 1200 or less. She is not disabled just couldn’t find work last year.
Reading the tax info, it says they have to be UNDER age 19 (in 2011) unless they are a student or disabled to be claimed. We paid for everything the entire year.
So which is right? Please let me know. Also her father and i are filing “married filing jointly” if that matters. She now started a full time job in 2012….
Thank you ALL who have replied!!! That helps a lot! I guess I was reading the “child” law. So glad I asked before “submitting” our taxes :)))

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  • can i claim my 19 year old as a dependent

7 Answers

  1. Johnsie on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    Yes my mother was claiming me after college while I lived with her.

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  2. chatsplas on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    Earned less than $ 3700 and your daughter and did not provide more than half her own support.
    She is a Qualifying RElative, not a Qualifying Child, but YES, you can claim her exemption.
    The language you noted was for QC. No EITC for her, though.
    And because you could claim her, even if you don’t, she cannot claim her own exemption.
    She may wish to file to reclaim any withholding from her income.

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  3. Terri Greene Forwood on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    Yes! You cam claim her as an exemption on your taxes but, she will not qualify you for EIC or any other child tax credit. Best wishes and be blessed! :)

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  4. Judy on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    If her gross income was under $ 3700, yes you can still claim her as a dependent, as what’s called a qualifying relative. She’s too old to be claimed as a qualifying CHILD since she wasn’t in school – the qualifying child rules are what you are quoting in your question.

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  5. Queenkai on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    you provided for her so she is your dependent. I claimed my son until he was 20 because I was providing for him. Now that he has moved out and is paying his own bills he is no longer my dependent. Technically an adult can still be claimed as someones dependent and your daughter is not different.

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  6. TheBansheeofBebop on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    You can claim her as a dependent. Although at the end of 2011 she was too old to be a qualifying child if she wasn’t in school at least 5 months in 2011, her gross income was still less than $ 3700 and it sounds as if she meets the requirements to be your dependent under the “qualifying relative” test – you provided more than 50% of her support, she lived with you more than half the year, she is a US citizen who is not filing a joint return with her spouse, etc.

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  7. tro on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    if she did not attend school for 5 months, she is no longer a qualifying ‘child’ but could be a qualifying relative

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