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4 Answers

Can I not go back to H&R block for my taxes?

Asked by: vpalmer 522 views YA Discussion

I went to H&R block with just my last check stub they asked all the questions added my kids and then told me what i was getting, I am supposed to go back when I get my W2 but im rethinking H&R block….Do I have to go back? Or can i find a different place?

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4 Answers

  1. chicky84 on Jan 18, 2013 Reply

    Unfortunately They cannot do taxes anymore with the last pay stub, You have to wait for your W 2s. I had went to H&R Block years ago for my taxes, And of course they always charge around the 200 dollar range to file. I decided not to go back and they harassed me because obviously they want to make a commission. So yes since they have your info they might call you off the hook to come back but you do NOT have to.Someone had told me about using TurboTax and I will never go back to any other place. I even had got back a little bit more than when I went to H&R Block. It’s super easy you need your W 2s so when you get them go on turbo tax .com You you don’t have to pay for anything until you’re ready you put all your information in and see what you get back and in the end it’s free to do your federal and 29 dollars to file your state return.. You can’t beat that I always use TurboTax I got back so much this year I really recommend it!! (I I know I sound like a commercial for them lol but I really like them I always tell people about how easy it is.) Why pay 200 dollars when you don’t have to! :)

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  2. rtfm on Jan 18, 2013 Reply

    You don’t have to go back, no, but if you signed an official agreement for them to do your taxes, you will still have to pay them for the work that they did.

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  3. Cathi K on Jan 18, 2013 Reply

    You do not have to go back no but they did all the work for you and you took their time and now you want to do it yourself now you have the answers. You at least owe then a call saying so. Frustrating when people take your time and no show appointments.

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  4. josiphine on Jan 18, 2013 Reply

    U dont hav to go to hb. U could file elsewhere with ur last paycheck.

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