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2 Answers

Can i get my refund before my DD date?

Asked by: megan 893 views YA Discussion

Ok so I filed on the 21st and i was accepted on the 22nd wmr say that i should get my refund by feb 7th. So today i called to see what they said and the women that i spoke to looked in my record and said that i have a DD date of feb 10th . So im not really sure what number to belive cause wmr still say the 7th but she said the 10th. And if it is the 10th can i still get it before then or do they deposit it on the date ? Thanks everyone that answers

2 Answers

  1. Jeffery on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    I filed on Jan 19th got my NC state return on the 25th and the lady at fastax said mine should be deposited around Feb 1st, here it is Feb 3rd and WMR says NLT Feb 7th I thought IRS cuts deposits to the bank on friday mornings.. Cause Feb 7th is a Tuesday… Hope we dont have to wait until next friday :( sorry i didnt answer your question but id like to know as well BUMP for help!

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  2. Ryan R on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    They give the DD of 2/10 to give your bank 4 days to process it into your account. You should recieve it on Monday 2/6/2012

    Hope this helps


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