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Can I claim the difference in per diem on my taxes from $71 and what my employer gives me?

Asked by: jmlcpl 397 views YA Discussion

I am a w2 employee, but I do contract work. My company reimburses me up to $ 50 for per diem (meals). I understand that I can claim the difference between $ 71 and what I get reimbursed for on my taxes. For example; I spend $ 21 on a meal and I get reimbursed from my employer. Can I claim $ 50 on my taxes (71 minus 21)? I am working in Nevada, but live in Washington state. Thanks.

1 Answers

  1. Quick Answers on Mar 28, 2012 Reply

    Nice try.

    $ 71 * .5 = $ 35.50 – $ 21 = $ 14.50
    100 days on road is $ 1450.
    Subtract 2% of your AGI. If anything left over, you add it to schedule A. If you don’t already itemize, won’t do you any good until you have move than $ 5800.

    And I didn’t even bring up the tax home rules, the fact the assignment has to be reasonably expect to last less than a year, the assignment would have be in Las Vegas, you have to prove you were out of town overnight, you don’t get the full amounts on travel days and the IRS loves to audit this.

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