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4 Answers

Can i claim my boyfriend as dependent and will that help me when i do my taxes?

Asked by: epondel 1055 views YA Discussion

I made 18,000 for the 2012 yr, he has lived with me for 2yrs, his 18 and has gone to school for less than 3 months on 2012. I provide all the income in the house and i will be claiming my 3yr old. I have never tried to claim him but im wondering if that would help on getting a bigger return? As he wants to help me with sum money, he doesnt have a social but has his itin # and school n mexica id
Sorry i live in california forgot to mention this on this post. So would you recomend i claim him or not since im going to claim my daughter for sure? Thanks

4 Answers

  1. Quick Answers on Jan 06, 2013 Reply

    You already asked this. The only difference is you are now mentioning a 3 year old.

    With $ 18000 of income, his exemption would lower your taxable income to $ 0. This will allow your additional child tax credit to go up a tiny bit. That is all. Maybe by $ 170.

    Ignore TRO, your claiming the boyfriend as a dependent (not as a spouse) will NOT affect your ability to claim EIC.

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  2. Judy on Jan 06, 2013 Reply

    And he has how much income for the year? Where do you live? In several states, no. Not enough info to say if you can.

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  3. ninasgramma on Jan 06, 2013 Reply

    If you qualify for Head of Household and claim your 3-year old, your tax is $ 170 before any credits. By claiming another exemption, the most extra refund you might get is $ 170.

    You may claim an unrelated person if the person lived with you all year, the person had income of no more than $ 3,800, the person cannot be claimed as a qualifying child on any tax return, and you provided over 50% of the support of the person, and your living arrangement does not violate any local laws.

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  4. tro on Jan 06, 2013 Reply

    as with your other post, a qualifying relative is one who resides in your household the ENTIRE year, you provide more than 50% of his support, he doesn’t earn $ 3800 and he cannot be claimed on the tax return of anyone else
    now that you mention a child, filing a head of household with this child as a dependent, and the b/f is eligible his ITIN will cut out the EIC that you are entitled to with your child
    the only way he can help you with a sum of money is get a job and pay you, the gov’t isn’t paying his ‘obligation’ to help you

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