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9 Answers

Can an college force you to give them your parents irs tax information?

Asked by: lpliskin 918 views YA Discussion

I know that immigrants whose children attend college dont have to show their parents tax info because its illegal. But do I? I have applied for financial aid and purposefully left my parents financial information out. But now I wont stop getting mails and emails from them demanding that I show them my parents tax info. Also the last letter I got recently stated as an “afterthought” that I wont be able to pay my tuition using loans. This is what they specifically said: “Additionally the student service office will not be able to process loan applications at this time.” I know Im being backed into a corner and Im starting to get desperate and stressed out, any advice as to what I should do?

9 Answers

  1. Go with the flow on Oct 22, 2012 Reply

    To get loans – you need to show this information.
    Your parents can pay for that community college in cash and avoid all this.

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  2. Rick B on Oct 22, 2012 Reply

    If you want financial aide you must provide it.

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  3. kelsey on Oct 22, 2012 Reply

    If your parents declare you as a dependent on their tax returns there isn’t much you can do. They use the info to determine need and credit status. Unfortunately if your parents have money and no intention of helping you pay for school it can mess up your financial options. Sauer if there is a way for you to become legally financially independent.

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  4. Bash Limpbutt's Oozing Cyst© on Oct 22, 2012 Reply

    If you want to be considered for ANY financial aid, you must include copies of your parents’ tax return with your FAFSA if you are treated as a dependent under FAFSA rules. If you don’t provide copies of their returns, you are ineligible for most government funded financial aid such as Pell Grants, needs-based scholarships, and direct Stafford loans.

    FAFSA rules on dependency are different from tax rules on dependency. For FAFSA purposes, you are a dependent until you turn 24, join the military on full-time active duty, marry, support your own child more than 50%, complete your undergraduate studies and enter a graduate or higher level program, or are actually estranged from your parents. (The estrangement rule generally only applies if you were removed from your parents home prior to age 18 for your own safety.) Whether you can be claimed as a dependent on your parents’ tax return or not is irrelevant.

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  5. Bobbie on Oct 22, 2012 Reply

    YES do what they are asking you to do when you would want to get this assistance or else just ask your parents to go ahead and pay the college the required amounts that they do want at this time for you to be able to continue on with your present education goals at this time in your life.
    And are you really sure that what you do think that you may know about the immigrants is REALLY TRUE for this time and purpose.
    Each line on the FAFSA asks for and does have the instructions available for your use on each line and where to go on each income tax return to get the correct numbers that you do need to use for this purpose time in your life.
    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 10/22/2012

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  6. Quick Answers on Oct 23, 2012 Reply

    Clearly you are trying to get around the FAFSA rules.


    This is not possible if you are under 24 and do not meet one of the limited exceptions. Even if you support yourself, FAFSA doesn’t see it that way. After all, you are not paying cash, you want financial aid in the form of scholarships/grants and subsidized loans.

    In addition to FAFSA, I believe colleges also want to see your parents tax return(s) to determine if you are eligible for instate tuition rates or not.

    If you were trying to borrow money from a bank that wasn’t federally subsidized money, you would pay interest from the day you borrowed the money AND you’d have to show your ability to pay it back.

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  7. Pascal the Gambler on Oct 23, 2012 Reply

    If you don’t show their info, you don’t get financial aid. So no, you don’t HAVE to, but if you don’t, you won’t get the aid. It’s just how the financial aid process works.

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  8. tro on Oct 23, 2012 Reply

    the loans, grants and scholarships are not A GIVEN, if you want them you will comply with their requirements and if that means your parents’ tax information that is the way it is, if you want the help you comply with the requirements
    and as for illegals getting aid when you can’t, discuss this with your representatives, i.e senator, rep, state reps etc! They are the controlling factor here, not the school

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  9. Judy on Oct 23, 2012 Reply

    No, of course not. But if you want financial aid to attend, you must provide it. If you pay the full tab yourself, you don’t have to provide it. That’s whether you’re legally in the country or not.

    If you want someone to pay part of your bill or give you a loan to go to school, you have to prove you qualify for it.

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