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Bill Me Later on Ebay, Good or Bad Idea?

Asked by: megan 2104 views YA Discussion

Okay, so I want to buy a computer tower because I smashed mine a few weeks ago, and there one on Ebay for $ 150.00, since I don’t have 150.00 right now and I NEED my computer right now for classes, I was thinking of doing the BILL ME LATER thing. I do have good credit and I ALWAYS pay my bills on time, does this seem okay for me?
And is there interest added on every month you don’t pay, they said there’s no interest rate added until AFTER the due date. PLEASE HELP ! THANKSSS
OH YEA!, i heard if you pay in full by the due date it actually helps your credit. Is that true?

Asked: Tinaaaaa :)

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  • is bill me later a good idea

1 Answers

  1. ☪Queen Usagi of The Moon Likes Cheese☪. on May 24, 2011 Reply

    Well if your really need it then, I would go with it

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