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being audited by IRS…should i still file for return?

Asked by: bellmont 414 views YA Discussion

ok, i am being audited by IRS based on false informations they recived from my stock broker company in 2010. now i am filing petitions with tax court. i was jjust wondering is it safe to file for my 2012 tax return? i have over 8K tax withhold….or irs will not refund those withholding until everything gets clear?
please help/advise.
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Additional Details
my stock broker did not give me 1099. i initially had 4000$ from my saving transferred to my stock broker account and the through out the year, EVERY-TIME i bought and sold stock with my 4k, they ADDED all those moneys and securities, and at the end they said that i had over 28,000$ securities in stock market and did not report all these money. they considered these as income….for the whole year, i had total of 300$ profit out of my own 4000$ saving money that i transferred to my stock account!!!
4 minutes ago

they told me that i have to pay 4500$ taxes and interest on the money I NEVER HAD..!!!

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  1. Judy on Jan 23, 2013 Reply

    Did YOU show each stock sale on your schedule D and list the basis (your cost) for the shares sold in each sale?

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