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1 Answers

anyone receive their tax refund after getting a review letter?

Asked by: bellmont 1046 views YA Discussion

I did my taxes the end of January then got this letter saying my,refund was under further review. They said they have 45 days. Im super annoyed. Just wondering has,anyone got theirs after this review

1 Answers

  1. Mariela on Mar 07, 2013 Reply

    well the review could be for a number of reasons.. did you have educational credits? was it your first time you out a house on your taxes for new home owners? did you claim other peoples’ kids? i know people who have gotten that letter but for any of the above reasons especially for educational & new home owners credits.. many peoples taxes are being held for now.. out of 10 people i have spoken 2 have gotten their federal 5 weeks after filing.. i filed jan 31 and still waiting for that freaking refund date that WMR specifies it will provide..it is kinda lame..when you owe the government they hit you with fees and stuff. but when they owe you.. they take their sweet time to reimburse you.

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