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2 Answers

Anyone getting their return back?

Asked by: covici 388 views YA Discussion

I have read all these news articles stating nothing would be done with taxes till the 30th. I did my taxes last night just to get them done and over with. Tonight I got a text and email saying the IRS accepted my returns. In my shock I jumped on and googled. I am seeing a lot of rumors saying people are already getting returns. BUT it always seems to be a friend of a friend or like someone’s mom. Usually that means it’s a false rumor. Has anyone actually got THEIRS?
That’s what all the news articles said Richard but there is a lot of rumors of a test run and people getting returns now. Wasn’t sure if it was one of those “rumors”

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2 Answers

  1. Joanna on Jan 28, 2013 Reply

    Mine was accepted on 1/24 and no money yet!

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  2. Richard Anderson on Jan 28, 2013 Reply

    Your return has been entered into the system that’s all. They won’t begin processing anything until at least the 30th.

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