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3 Answers

Anyone else have a March 6th DD date, and filed more than 21 days ago?

Asked by: jmlcpl 875 views YA Discussion

I filed Feb 2nd, and initially WMR had no status for me. But I checked on Wed and I now have a by March 6th date to receive refund.

Today is day 22. Nothing pending either. I thought the IRS would only take 21 days to process?

Should I call them? Or will they just give me the same info as WMR?
I just checked WMR a second ago, and now they can’t even find my return! What is going on?

3 Answers

  1. rashad on Feb 24, 2012 Reply

    you should get it this week no doubt.because i just called irs and got a hold to a rep that was real nice.i filed feb 8th and was accepted the same day and wmr has feb 21st date that it should come by that date irs rep checked for me it took her 10 min but when she came back to the phone she says the system says that my funds will be dd on the 29th not by the 29th on the 29th …relief!

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  2. Torgo has Earl Campbell thighs. on Feb 24, 2012 Reply

    Today is the 24th, actually.

    Our refund was accepted on the 3rd and all WMR says is we’ll get it BY March 13. No actual date, though. Since today’s the 3 week mark I’m going to give them a call.

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  3. OOB42 on Feb 24, 2012 Reply

    I don’t have an answer but I filed on jan 28th acc on same day wmr gave me a dd date of feb 14th then nothing after a few days and it is still that way I have tried several #s can not get a live person

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