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Anybody else wait 21 days for tax refunds only to be under review?

Asked by: vpalmer 551 views YA Discussion

Went crazy waiting the 21 days out only to find out my refund is under review….possibly from 3rd party(?) I used Turbotax like the last 8 years and was accepted on 1/30. Turbotax said there were no errors, and a very nice lady said papers were mailed out 2/15 which I have yet to receive. I claimedyself and daughter like every year and this is the first one with any sort of trouble. Please share your experience or vent frustration. Plz no rude or know-it-all remarks.

1 Answers

  1. Mariela on Feb 23, 2013 Reply

    Hi Chris. Same thing here. I spoke to several tax preparers and some have advised that since some changes were made to the IRS forms .. all preparers had to get up to date with the new efile and paper forms to use and the IRS also has to update their systems as well. Much of it has to do with this past election and the fiscal cliff stuff they talked about alot in the news. Many changes were made that are going to affect all of us from the poor, middle class to the rich. That is reason #1 reason #2 is that the government has so much debt right now that they need extra time to come up with the funds. A good indication of that is the fact that they changed the filing date. Last year was like Jan 18 the year before was like Jan 10th this year Jan 30th. My tax preparer also told me that ALL people that submitted their tax monies from Jan 30-Feb7th would experience this delay. I talked to them about 3 hours ago and they advised me that the IRS had sent them a letter alerting them of the delay due to “system updates” and that people would start expecting refunds as early as 3/5. Last year when I filed my taxes, I got my refund before the online website even showed that a refund was pending or had been deposited in my account. My biggest suggestion to you- start bugging your tax preparer and check the mail or your bank instead of only relying on the webpage. I also made a post about this and many others would agree with me in saying that when you owe uncle sam they are so quick to give it to you with penalties and such but when its time for them to reimburse you- they just take their sweet a s s time!!

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