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3 Answers

Any delays on alabama state refunds?

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3 Answers

  1. Brian Fleener on Mar 21, 2012 Reply

    YES ! I e-filed February 14th 2012 my Alabama State return was “approved and sent to the controller for payment” on February 23rd 2012…..Today is March 21st 2012. I received my Federal return in 10 days, direct deposited.
    This is wrong and there should be a law against states delaying money that is not theirs. I will be leaving the pitiful state of alabama (doesn’t deserve to be capitalized) as soon as possible and I would advise all Americans to avoid the tax scam that is taking place in this so-called state.
    Signed a very pissed off ex-alabama tax payer………

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  2. Jed Cowler on May 15, 2013 Reply

    Every year I had lived there since 2008 there has been delays in my tax refunds that has extended as far as September. I get my federal tax return in 10 days and most state tax returns in 14 days.
    This is why I have left Alabama, well legitimately and legal did not have to pay 9 months of Alabama taxes for 2012 taxes in Alabama by living at a friends house and established my residency in Colorado. This includes 4 months in 2013. I’d rather pay more taxes in another state then paying taxes in Alabama. I also turned down 2012-2013 temporary employment in Alabama gave up on the state. Too bad, as an engineer living in northern Alabama and making about $85,000 it was a nice place to live., Well, I once liked the place, but the business practices including utilities, along with personal property taxes gave me reason to change my tags to another state. It’s too bad there has been changes in laws and attitudes that have made it an undesirable state to pay taxes. Specifically, I no longer wanted my tax dollars supporting policies, laws and state regulations that I just cannot condone

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  3. Jed Cowler on May 15, 2013 Reply

    Look, Huntsville, Alabama was once a great place to work, but after 5 years it showed me that conservative is a failure. The worst schools with a high proportional of students not completing high school, natural disaster where it takes a long time to restore normal opportunities, mediocre medical care (imagine if the Boston bombing happened in Huntsville. So many would have died), limited state and local services,1980’s infrastructure, terrible utility services, prescription monitored by law enforcement where without any court order law enforcement can walk into any pharmacy and demand prescription accessed, private ambulance services you must pay for, a two tier healthcare system, for-profit methadone maintenance clinics (and where detoxification means lost customers), food taxable, limited state agencies for the poor and homerless, racial profiling, and disproportional criminal conviction based on race, excessive minimum wage jobs and little consumer protection.
    Then there are taxes. Instead of tax refunds being readily the has laws that require the funds be available meaning it can take as much as 5 months before you get a refund.

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