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3 Answers

Amazon taxes 2013 help. What wil happen big I don’t pay in tn?

Asked by: minchk 516 views YA Discussion

I shop at amazon all the time, and today I got an email which at first I thought to be spam, saying something about amazon taxes I owe, I opened it and it said that by tn Tennessee law I have to pay taxes, and I owe about 700 dollars , I’m shocked and stressed, I knew nothing about this, and I’m not paying, I won’t, I don’t even have anywhere near the money to pay it little alone support myself monthly. So my question, what will happen if I don’t pay it, I tried googling the answer to that but came up with nothing although I read people saying they are also not paying, like it s optional, but the email said I was required by law to file a tax return or something, also I’m just a teenager and know nothing about what that even is and have no one to teach me, so I’m at a loss on what this is about and what I’m supposed to do about it, if anything, I may just pretending never read that email, and forget about it, but I need to know what will happen if I do that. Can anyone help, relate or anything, thanks bunches.

3 Answers

  1. **The star of gaming** on Jan 25, 2013 Reply

    most likely a spam i sell and buy from amazon all the time since 2007 an never had to pay taxes contact amazon to make sure that email is legit but i doubt it.

    click here to contact them:


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  2. acermill on Jan 25, 2013 Reply

    It may or may NOT be SPAM. It is probably NOT spam, however. Amazon and the State of Tennessee reached agreement that Amazon must start collecting sales tax on Amazon purchases made in the State of Tennessee. Part of the agreement included that Amazon must notify past customers that they may owe taxes on past purchases. The information on past purchases was also given to the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

    With that information, the Department of Revenue is fully entitled to collect those back taxes from you.
    It does not help to stomp your feet and pout “I’m not paying. I won’t” The revenue department simply ignores all that and does its job. If you do not pay, they can attach bank accounts, garnish wages and similar.

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  3. Terri McDermott on Jan 27, 2014 Reply

    It was all over the News here in Tn it’s not a spam. They’ve been talking about this for months. Trust me they will collect one way or another!!!!

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