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4 Answers

2013 tax return holding for review?

Asked by: jbell 830 views YA Discussion

2013 tax return holding for review?
So i filed my tax on 1/30 and got acceptted the next day but then i get a CP05 letter saying they are reviewing my returns now its march 11th and my status still says Your tax return is still being processed A refund date will be provided when available anyone getting the same? if so what does it really means am i being audited

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  • michigan is holding my tax refynd

4 Answers

  1. chatsplas on Mar 11, 2013 Reply

    Happens to quite a few this year
    Many returns diverted for identity theft and possible fraud examinations
    May just be increased scrutiny, not a full audit
    More likely with High EIC refunds
    If your tax return was entirely on up, and up, just relax, nothing you can do but wait to see if IRS wants more inforamtion, documentation

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  2. momma L on Mar 11, 2013 Reply

    your not being audited. They are just fact checking because of fraud…i was reviewed also but no letter & now I have a ddd. It took up to 30 days (my state) refund….good luck

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  3. Kray-Z Freax Inc on Mar 12, 2013 Reply

    I filed mine on Jan 30 and got accepted on Feb 14. and my 21 days have well come and gone. So I called them. The first IRS rep said that there was some missing info so I was gona be getting a letter in 2 weeks. That was last week when I was told this.

    Now this morning I called and the IRS rep said that the info has been corrected and it got put back into the system and it was gona take 5 business days to review it and I won’t be getting my refund for about another 4 weeks..-_-..

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  4. CHRISTENNE HODGES on Feb 06, 2014 Reply

    yes they are holding my 2013 refund no letter no nothing very un fair, need a answer, but still nothing, i think that they are stealing some

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