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3 Answers

2013 Tax Refund Delay or not?

Asked by: jbell 6359 views YA Discussion

I file my tax return and was accepted January 30 2013. At this point, I’m worry as to what’s happening with my refund. I’ve check the Where’s My Refund?…still says in process. I just found out today that I have an OffSet with Child Support.! I call child support they say they barely sent in the offset February 1, 2013.
Will IRS deduct whatever I owe to child support this year on my refund? Or next year because Child Support just sent it in?
I’m worry and need answer right away.
I have no DD on my refund whatsoever! No letter or nothing from the IRS about any offsets. Just found out I had the offset from calling the 1800… Number.
Any advise as to what happened?

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3 Answers

  1. SO on Feb 19, 2013 Reply

    Give them 21 FULL days to process it.

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  2. Brittney on Feb 19, 2013 Reply

    When they took my baby father’s taxes for back child support he received the letter not even two weeks after he filed. The IRS uses information that is sent in before the last day of the year. Child support sent his information saying he owes $ 1,500 in October of 2011 so he didn’t receive anything in 2012.

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  3. gilbert gabaldon on Jun 02, 2014 Reply

    Hi ! I e-filed back in early March of 2014 for my 2013 taxes. My check was processed and sentMarch 24, i waited. in April i was told that my refund was returned back to the IRS office and they dont know why and said it will be sent out on May 5 2014, ive waited and called again in which they said i should received it 4 weeks after May 5…..i called again on May 30 and lady said if i dont get it by June 2, to call back. Today …June 2, i called and they said since i have not received my check by mail, they will issue a Trace on it to make sure it wasnt cashed! This has been a roller coaster ride in the worst way!! Its been sent to me(and my address/name is correct and they confirmed it!! I asked them what can i do or where can i go to fix this problem? They said i would just have to wait another 4 weeks from today(June 2, 2014) I am so tired of all this crap and BS …Post office and the IRS really are the worst!! A retired mail-carrier !! :-(

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